Deux ans avant de lancer le projet de visual novel, Laurent a scénarisé son premier jeu professionnel Crowntakers. Une première expérience fort enrichissante avec Bulwark Studio.

Bannière Crwontakers

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Le jeu a remporté l’excellente note de 4,5 / 5 sur le site Toucharcad.

Ci-dessous la reproduction d’un article sur la sortie du jeu:

Kalypso Media Mobile announced their first release of the round-based Rogue-like strategy game Crowntakers on iOS and Android this week on 2nd April 2015. Just a few weeks later, Wings! Remastered Edition – a remake of the cult action aerial combat game from Cinemaware, will also be available on app stores. Additional titles are in the works.

The continued expansion of the publisher Kalypso Media, who have enjoyed phenomenal success on various platforms led to the founding of the Hamburg-based subsidiary Kalypso Media Mobile in late 2014. The goal was to create a versatile mobile games portfolio consisting both of the company’s own brands and externally produced games. Their primary focus is on delivering challenging strategy games, although sports and action titles will also form part of the line-up. Crowntakers and Wings! Remastered Edition are the first titles to be released — just months after the founding of Kalypso Media Mobile. Additional titles are slated to follow by the end of 2015.

« With Crowntakers, we present our core target group — ambitious strategy gamers — with a great gaming experience that has been meticulously tailored to mobile devices, » enthuses Marcus Behrens, Mobile Publishing Director at Kalypso. « But this is only the beginning! We are determined to gain a foothold with challenging, high-quality games in the mobile segment and to relive our successes from PC and console gaming on iOS and Android.”

Version mobile disponible sur ITunes pour 4,99 $

Version mobile android sur GooglePlay pour 1.99 euros.

Article de Androïd France sur le jeu

Version PC sur Steam à 15 euros